Cannabis Clothing Trends 2019

Summer is the season when hot fashion trends swarm online clothing stores and boutiques around the globe. Stoner style, referring to the use of hemp (the leaves of the cannabis plant) is one of the most popular trends right now. Here are some of the cannabis clothing styles you can choose from this summer.

Swim Suits

Nothing beats spending a hot summer day relaxing at the beach, resting on the lakeshore, or lounging by the pool. A bathing suit is a must-have when you are going anywhere near water. Luckily, there are plenty of hemp bathing suit options to fit everyone’s style. You can get a more conservative one-piece or high-waisted two-piece swimsuits. More daring fashionistas can choose from a variety of bikinis. And guys can choose from board shorts and speedos.


Another staple for outdoor summer activities is a sun umbrella. Pot leaf umbrellas can be used to shade you from the intense afternoon sunshine, or shelter you from a surprise thunder shower. Cannabis umbrellas are the trendiest way to protect yourself from the elements in summer.

Snapback Hats

A snapback hat is one piece of cannabis apparel guys and gals can appreciate. The snapback is an accessory that fits every style. These hats can be worn throughout the day, go great with almost any outfit, and are great for camping. Every stoner has at least one snapback hat in their wardrobe.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are a timeless piece of attire for summer. Hemp tank tops, like other cannabis culture apparel, is lightweight, long-lasting, and will fit perfectly every time. Hemp tank tops are great for men and women to wear on the go or when relaxing at home. Plus, you can find several that expresses your personal stoner style.

Stash Bags

A stoner summer essential, stash bags allow you to pack all your cannabis supplies and keep them organized during road trips or a visit to the local park. Stash bags come in different sizes and colors and have many compartments to fit supplies snugly. Your cannabis gear can be kept nearby for easy access no matter where you end up during the summer.

Maxi Cardigans

Fashion savvy cannabis consumers can’t live without at least one floor length silk cardigan. A cardigan is great as a cover up on cooler summer days or evenings. They can be also used to compliment your cannabis T-shirts. Maxi cardigans are the ultimate stylish summer wardrobe piece.

Woman Smoking

Flip Flops and Slide Sandals

Flip flops and sandals are worn virtually all summer long. They offer comfort and create an understated look while you watch the sunset at the beach or on having fun at a barbeque on the deck of your lake house. And you can get a pair of flip flops or slides to match any of your cannabis culture shirts, giving you a casual cool vibe.

Hoodie Dresses

The hoodie dress is perfect for keeping you ladies warm on especially cool or windy summer evenings. They provide a bright, bold, badass statement look for festivals and other outdoor summer events. The hoodie dress can also be casual, perfect to wear any day of the week.

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