Cannabis Clothing: What’s All The Buzz?

by Katherine Saab on May 04, 2020


Cannabis Tees, Hoodies, Swimwear, and Acivewear - Magic Leaf Tees

Cannabis clothing has become an edgy fashion statement that appeals to weed aficionados everywhere. Both men and women’s stoner clothing are in demand and the designs keep getting more fun and innovative!

There is what might be called a ‘blend of trends’ that pairs both classic and pop designs with pot leaves. So, What’s All The Buzz? Let’s check it out!

Calling All Weed Smoking Taco Lovers!

Now, girls, you can wear your passion with hot Tacos and Weed designs that range from swimsuits, bikinis and tote bags to flip flops!

This is a delicious blend of possibly two of the world’s greatest things, tacos and weed, all teamed up with eye-catching colors and design!

Tacos and Weed Stoner Bikinis, One-Piece Swimwear, Flip Flops, and Beach Bags

Tacos and Weed Funny T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees


And, for the guys, this probably says it all: 'I Just Want To Smoke Weed And Eat Tacos All Day'!




Or for those of you that know how to pace yourself you might like this Now And Later Funny Reefer And Taco T-Shirt!

But Wait! There’s More……


All Freedom Soldiers Love Pot Leaf Camo Designs

Another stoner clothing ‘blend trend’ is totally unofficial US Army OCP Camo Cannabis leaves fabric designs! This very cool camo design makes a cannabis culture statement that is popular with both men and women!

Girls look good and feel even better working out with Camo Weed design sports bras and active wear shorts. Guys can be comfortable and get fit with men's camo athletic leggings! US Army Camo Cannabis Collection - Magic Leaf Tees

Cannabis clothing online brands are fast to take up the latest trend, like Magic Leaf Tee’s multi use masks, also known as neck gaiters. This handy accessory can be used as a protective mask, a headband or worn as a neck gaiter. 

Cannabis Neck Gaiters Face Masks - Magic Leaf Tees

Weed Warriors Say It Loud and Say It Strong

We have come a long way in our fight for our right to legally smoke weed and use it for medicine! It is because of the persistent efforts of activists and warriors that we have turned the tide and many states have now legalized either recreational and/or medical cannabis!

Free The Weed is a ‘wearable meme’ that is the battle cry of the ‘legalize it’ troops! This design is a symbol of ending the war on weed and letting freedom of choice reign again!

Weed Warrior T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees

So, whether you are a Patriotic Weed Warrior


Free The Weed Baseball Cap - Magic Leaf Tees

Or a Free The Weed supporter tipping your hat to the cause





Free The Weed Legalize It T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees Or making a loud statement of support to keep the ‘Legalize It movement going strong: remember, you 'Wearing the Meme’ has helped make these victories possible!


All eyes are on the message!



‘Wearing the Meme”

Ok Ganja Girls and Guys, Go Here to find the New Arrivals Stoner Clothing Wearable Memes!

And when you receive your order: shoot that selfie and send us a picture of you Wearing The Meme of your choice Here:  So we can add it to our photo album!


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