Look What’s Hot For Summer: Women’s Cannabis 420 Swimwear and Accessories

by Katherine Saab on April 27, 2020

Fun in the sun time is calling and stoner girl swimwear is HOT! Beaches, lakes and swimming pools everywhere are about to become the most desired destinations and women’s weed bikinis and accessories are on board!

420 Fashions For Hot Summer Days 

Women’s weed clothing has been trending exponentially over the past few years and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact, women’s 420 swimsuits are now the hottest trend for summer!

Flame Point Cannabis Leaves Apparel Collection - Magic Leaf Tees

Women have definitely become the number one consumers of both cannabis and CBD products, which is also fueling the trend of women’s weed clothing! Increasing online sales of women’s weed flip-flops and tote bags along with other accessories are also showing signs that weed designs are a hot fashion item that signal the general growth of cannabis culture.

Rasta bikinis, tank tops and accessories have been popular in surf shops and head shops since the late 60’s: however, because cannabis was still ‘highly illegal’ the pot leaf design did not trend in the general fashion industry. Today, women of all ages are wearing cannabis leaf swimsuits, and activewear and lovin’ it!

One of the most innovative and interesting trends is the combination of camo with pot leaf design sports bras that many women like to wear with bikini bottoms for swimming and beach sports! Sometimes a girl just needs a little support!

Once the weather warms up many women opt to enjoy their workouts, yoga and meditation on the beach, in the park or near the lake. So, not only do they like to have a dose of cannabis or CBD to help enhance their workout, they also enjoy soft comfy weed design tanks and workout shorts that make a cannabis culture statement.

One company, Magic Leaf Tees, not only has a huge selection of quality women’s weed clothing designs for fun and sport: they also have a collection of practical weed leaf neck gaiters that can also be used as a head band or a face mask! This is very popular with cannabis cyclists, runners, athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts for an all in one practical protective piece.


Stoner Girl Favorites For Cool Summer Nights

Nothing feels like summer more than a cool summer night on the beach or a BBQ by the pool! It might also be, just in that moment, that having the perfect Ganja Girl Cropped Sweatshirt to throw on with your bikini bottom or shorts to keep you cozy while you grill that steak or portabella mushroom, that you realize how amazing life really is! Something to consider!



And for those warm steamy nights on the Caribbean, all it takes is slipping into a
Good Vibes Sunshine Crop Tee and you are ready for just about anything! If you are on the beach, Pacific side, you might want to snuggle into a Canna-Bunny Hoodie with air spun yarn for just the right, light comfort for ocean spray summer nights!

You decide!

Go ahead!


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