Weed Clothing Favorites: Funny 420 Shirts For Stoners

Weed clothing fans everywhere lighten up as they light up with funny 420 t-shirts for tokers. Weed culture has evolved over the years, yet the distinct humor, language and expressions of pot smokers is still unique. One thing that is universal to potheads around the world is we all love to laugh and of course the weed helps! And hey, there are lots of wearable weed memes and themes that get the party smokin’! Let’s check it out!

Stoner Girl Funny Tees Are Naughty And Nice 

Let’s face it, lots of stoner girls are sparkly creatures and love all of the magical elements of nature. Those are the Weed Fairies and Pixies of cannabis culture that sprinkle lighthearted laughter and fun wherever they go.

 Powered By Pixie Dust And Cannabis Women's T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees

But, hey, there are also those girls that like a little dankness in their magic and like to fly in the night sky even when it isn’t Halloween! So, smoke up bitches, and come to the dark side (We have Weed)!

Hello Dankness My Old Friend T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees My Broom stick Runs On Weed Funny Cannabis Women's T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees Smoke Up Bitches Funny Women's Weed T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees Come To The Dark Side We Have Weed Funny Star Wars T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees

And those Classic Ganja Girls are just chillin’ online and not worrying about a thing because they know that they are Stoned and Fabulous! 

 Stoner And Fabulous Funny Women's T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees

Rollin’ With The Retro

Weed clothing has its roots in the 60’s and 70’s and the good vibes, psychedelic love culture classics are still favorite designs. From psychedelic pop art weed swimsuits to flower power tees the pot smoking hippie culture continues to live on in the timeless evolution of cannabis clothing. 

Man playing guitar with Love Peace Weed T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees

Classic Funny Weed Fashion

Stoned AF!!! So stoned we sometimes get caught up in our on meandering stories that we forget to pass the blunt! And given the hit-or-miss quality of weed we used to get, it's perfectly reasonable to have high standards nowadays! Now it's even legal in many places to relax with a fishing pole and smoke a joint!
Smiling woman wearing a Stoned AF weed tank top - Magic Leaf Tees Sitting young man wearing a Cool Story Brah Now Pass The Blunt Funny Weed T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees Bearded man wearing a High Standards Weed T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees Man standing on beach wearing a I Just Want To Smoke Weed And Fish All Day T-Shirt - Magic Leaf tees

Cannabis University Graduates

Seriously though, College and Career come first...

420 College Hoodie - Magic Leaf Tees

 and many guys are self-educated in molecular botany...

Happy THC Molecule T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees 

You would also be surprised at their level of understanding of natures pharmacy and plant compounds like CBD.

CBD Oil Medical Marijuana T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees 

So, don’t get all judgy and think that stoners aren’t motivated…..

Pass Joints Not Judgement Funny Stoner T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees

Because it’s just not true! They are high functioning creatives that know how to roll with gusto!

Woman wearing a Roll Up Weed Raglan - Magic Leaf Tees

When you are a part of Weed Culture it means that you operate with a different state of mind! You know that Life Is Good and it is even better when you Fire Up That Loud!

Man wearing a Fire Up That Loud T-Shirt and woman wearing a Life Is Good Cannabis T-Shirt - Magic Leaf Tees

Magic Leaf Tees wants to know… what are your favorite funny weed memes? Share them with us in the comment section below! We love hearing from you and are always open to new ideas for fun Weed Theme Designs!

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