The Evolution of Cannabis Culture

It may seem like cannabis has gained its popularity within the past few decades, but, in all reality, it’s been a common remedy for centuries. Learning more about the history of this healing herb is key to understanding its place in modern medicine. From ancient China to CBD oils, here’s everything you need to know about the evolution of cannabis.

Marijuana dates back to 2727 BC. It was often used in Asian cultures as a medicinal treatment. Gout, depression, nausea, anesthetic, malaria, and inflammation were just a few of the reasons cannabis was used regularly. Due to its powerful effects, it eventually began to spread, and cultures including the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, and Muslims began to use it as well.

It wasn’t until the late 1500s that North America was introduced to the healing properties of cannabis. It was brought by the Spanish invaders and later became an important crop to the Americas. In colonial times, many settlers grew hemp to produce paper, rope, and a number of other industrial products.

During the 20th century, cannabis began to carry a negative connotation. It was used as a way to disparage minorities. It was eventually banned due to cultural upheaval. The stigma that followed has dissuaded the use of the herb until recently.

The legalization of marijuana in the past few years has allowed many to discover the medicinal benefits of the plant. Not only is the stigma being washed away, but cannabis is growing more popular than ever before. In fact, it’s estimated that it will grow to more than a $20 billion dollar industry by 2022.

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