Jack Nicholson smoking a joint and listening to music with headphone - Magic Leaf Tees
Spotify and Pandora playlists for stoners

We at Magic Leaf Tees think there's not much better than getting high and listening to music. Whether your dabbing on the couch at home, downing an edible at your desk with some headphones, smoking a bong on a white sand Gulf Coast beach, hiking the Emerald Lake Trail in Colorado with a fat joint, or kicking back with a bowl at dawn on Sunrise View Point in the Olympic National Forest - great music gives you that extra feeling of peace and harmony with your surroundings.

We've put together SoundCloud®, Pandora® and Spotify® playlists of some of our favorite songs in several genres. Just click on either the Spotify® or Pandora® buttons below to have a listen. If you have any requests, leave a comment at the bottom. Enjoy!

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