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Looking for some funny, meme-worthy stoner quotes and quips? The we've got 'em all here. Feel free to use one or all with your cannabis Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook posts! Have one to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

Pot violates your parole, give it to me so I can burn it

Someone pass shaggy the baggy so he can roll scooby a doobie

If laughter is the best medicine and weed makes you laugh then weed is the best medicine

Baby to be born on 4/20 wife's ok to name her mary jane

That first hit of shatter be like where am i who are these people

I don't always do math except when I'm buying weed

I set my standards high actually I do everything high

I once was here but now i'm not I went away to smoke some pot elon musk

I'm not stoned I'm verbally medicated

My weed is so loud I can't hear your bullshit seth rogan

Friends with weed are friends indeed snoop dog seth rogan

You say enjoyable I say enjoy a bowl

I'm smoking hot and I'm damn sure smoking pot

I can't complain when i've got mary jane rihanna

Can't cope? Don't Mope! There's Hope Smoke Dope

4/20 is national weed day 4/21 is national drug test day

Sorry for my bluntness that's just how I roll

I'm too busy working on my grass to notice if yours is greener jim belushi

Smoking pot is how I deal with anxiety, insomnia, and not being stoned

I'm gonna keep smoking 'til shit makes sense

Why the fuck aren't marijuana dispensaries called gas stations?

Weed is like a secret society for chill people

No drama llama says save the drama for your mama smoke some marijuana

When I say hiking I really mean smoking a shit ton of weed in the woods

That first bong rip of Longbottom Leaf in the morning

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